Haiku 64

I went outside and

looked up at the stars a while

as I thought of you

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Haiku 50

I never wanted

you to “fix” me or “save” me

I just wanted you

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Night Visit

a memory i hold onto

you come visit we sit

on the steps of the porch

waiting for a pizza

i’m between your legs and you

slide your fingers all through

the hair on the back of my head

and you kiss me and kiss me and kiss me

and for those minutes my life isn’t blowing up around me

for those minutes nothing else exists in all the known universe

aside from you, me

kisses on the porch steps

under the early spring-time


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Haiku 5

let me kiss those lips

just one more time, i’m begging

touch my face again

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Sad Poem 1

I wish I’d never agreed to meet you
I wish I hadn’t told you how cute and
I thought you were
I wish I hadn’t ever shared anything with you
Especially the personal stuff
The stuff that wrecked my head
You’ve become so cold and callous
I don’t know what I was thinking
I don’t know what I was thinking

Why did I ever let you give me hope
Why did I feel safe around you
And I don’t know which
Scenario seems worse
The idea that you never cared and it was all a lie
So you could use me
Or the idea that something was really there and you
Killed it
On purpose
Cause you couldn’t stand the thought of loving

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Haiku 30

I think some people

Can’t live with my rough edges

O well then- their loss

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Bitter Poem 1

So when someone tells you they really really like you,

Love you, even

No really, you’re great, you’re just *amazing*
But they aren’t ready for a relationship
Then they jump into a relationship with someone else
Even tho it’s “not your business”
It’s in your face and you have to be the one to play nice
Even tho you’re not the one who did the lying
And it isn’t cute
And you aren’t fucking happy for them
And i’m sorry but it’s not fair
And yeah, nobody has to tell me
“Well, life’s not fair” because
I’ve known that my whole fucking life
Like, everything has been an example of the unfairness
So no I’m not gonna force myself to be happy
To be convenient
Because guess what?
Life isn’t fucking fair
So I don’t have to go outta my way
To make you feel ok
I hope you feel guilt and shame
Over how you dealt with me
Because you treated me like
So you get to make it right
Or you get to see the bitter in my eyes
Every time i look at you

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